Looking for a Snoring Solution?

Couple Sleeping Well

New treatments. New you.

Improve your sleep quality, your overall health, and your relationship with your bed partner in one simple move: Quit snoring.

It could be much easier than you think. Snoring treatment has come a long way. Oftentimes, no surgery is required—no CPAP machine, either—just a simple office procedure.

Minimally invasive. Significantly effective.

Dr. Marc Kayem has studied and evaluated snoring cures for over twenty-five years, and performed thousands of successful procedures. He is proud to offer the most-up-to-date treatments, including:

  • Radio frequency (RF) treatments – These in-office minimally invasive procedures use low power, temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to cure snoring related to:
    • The soft palate – Radiofrequency energy stiffens soft palate tissue that otherwise vibrates. 
    • Turbinates – These small structures in the nose can become enlarged, blocking nasal passages. Turbinate reduction RF shrinks and removes excess tissue.
    • The tongue – Radiofrequency energy shrinks and removes tongue tissue causing airway obstruction.
  • Elevoplasty – A new breakthrough in snoring treatments, elevoplasty effectively stops airway obstruction by lifting the soft palate. This minimally invasive snoring treatment can be completed in one office visit – in just ten minutes.
  • Pillar Procedure – An effective treatment for airway obstruction, the pillar procedure is unavailable at this date, as the inserts used in the procedure are not currently being manufactured.


CPAP Severe Snoring

When snoring surgery is required…

Severe snoring problems that include sleep apnea may require surgical treatment. The type of snoring surgery required depends on the cause of your snoring, but common surgeries (include):

  • Surgery to repair a deviated septum
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery or balloon sinuplasty
  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) 3 P’s
  • Hyoid suspension

Individualized Snoring Treatment and Personal Attention

Your snoring is individual to you: Your anatomy and your health are not like any other, which means that snoring causes can vary greatly. You may have:

  • A nasal blockage
  • A large tongue
  • An oversized uvula
  • A floppy soft palate
  • Large tonsils
  • A combination of two or more of the above

Dr. Kayem will conduct a thorough medical evaluation to determine the best treatment for you. His practice accepts many insurance plans and offers patient financing for any treatments not covered by insurance.

When choosing an ENT, make sure to consider their experience. Dr. Kayem has been performing snoring surgery and other, less invasive snoring treatments for over twenty-five years, giving him unmatched experience. 

Ready for a snoring treatment that works for you?