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How about noPAP?

Would you like to sleep at night without a CPAP machine by your side? Maybe you don’t like the inconvenience of traveling with it. Maybe the mask makes you feel claustrophobic. Or maybe you don’t want to disturb a bed partner or potential partner. No matter the reason, you’re not alone. Although CPAP machines are very effective in treating sleep apnea, many people don’t continue to use them, and some never even fill their CPAP prescriptions. In fact, a clinical study reported that only 54% of patients who were prescribed CPAPs used them long-term.
Luckily, there are new alternatives to CPAP that can help you and your sleeping partner get the rest you need, without using a machine. You may already know about snoring appliances, but did you know that minimally invasive procedures can offer relief, too? Dr. Marc Kayem offers treatment without CPAP including:
  • Elevoplasty, which lifts the soft palate to open your airway. This in-office treatment can be competed in one ten-minute visit.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) treatments for the soft palate, tongue and turbinate reduction. These in-office procedures stop airway obstruction by stiffening and/or reducing excess tissue via low power, temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy.
The above options are suitable for people with mild sleep apnea and moderate sleep apnea, but may not be adequate for those with severe sleep apnea. For those with severe sleep apnea, there surgical options can be excellent alternatives to CPAP. Dr. Kayem is an expert in recommending the best procedures suited to your particular situation.

CPAP prescriptions or referrals are also available for those who tolerate CPAP

As mentioned earlier, CPAPs are very effective, and their cost is typically covered by insurance. If an evaluation suggests that a CPAP machine would help your sleep apnea or snoring and you’d like to consider one, Dr. Kayem can provide you with a CPAP prescription.

If you use CPAP for snoring or sleep apnea, and would like to consider alternatives, Call us today.

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