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Minimally Invasive Surgery for Sinus, Snoring & Sleep Apnea in Las Vegas

Whether you recently discovered your snoring is a problem or have worn a CPAP for decades, Vegas Sinus and Snoring Center provides long-term solutions. As a board certified Otolaryngologist, Dr. Marc Kayem and assistant, John Scully are accepting new patients in Clark County. 90% of patients are treated in our medical office with family members present. Most procedures are completed after 45 minutes with little recovery.

When you choose Las Vegas Sinus and Snoring Center, you are getting an experienced team dedicated to your condition and results. Chances are you’ve received a one-size fits all solution such as CPAP or sinus medication, but aren’t satisfied. Continue to ask questions and seek answers. Our clinic enjoys providing them to our patients and their families.

Available for virtual appointments on Zoom to in-office diagnosis in Las Vegas. Our practice specializes in sleep apnea, sinusitis and related conditions. Once an appointment is booked, we strive for a positive patient experience and limited wait times. During an initial appointment, we review and discuss your full health history and symptoms. Dr. Kayem will perform a physician exam and make recommendations for the best treatment and schedule an upcoming procedure.

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About the Practice

Meet John Scully PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant and Manager in Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas Sinus and Snoring Center. Our patient results, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative treatments, and holistic approach sets our ENT practice apart. 

Education & Experience

John, an accomplished medical professional, proudly earned two degrees from the University of Iowa, excelling academically as he ranked within the top 5% of his class. He pursued a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Physiology alongside a Bachelor of Arts in Interdepartmental Studies of Health Sciences, thus providing a solid foundation for his diverse career.

Over the years, John has cultivated expertise in six medical fields, ranging from otolaryngology and plastic surgery to other specialized disciplines. His well-rounded background is further exemplified by his volunteer work in Haiti and the completion of surgical rotations across various states. John’s experience extends from handling high-pressure emergency room situations to assisting patients in their journey toward recovery from trauma and injuries. Moreover, he has honed his skills in enhancing patients’ cosmetic appearances.

John has been a resident of Las Vegas for the past five years. In his free time, he enjoys pursuing his passions of music, cars, and saltwater fish tanks.

John Scully
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Certified Physician Assistant, John Scully handles key components of the in-patient experience from administrative work to analyzing health history and diagnosis. Dr. Marc Kayem leads all sinuplasty and snoring procedures. While a resident of Los Angeles, Dr. Marc Kayem is available each month for patients. 

Many of our patients haven’t received a comprehensive solution that aligns with their needs. Conventional ENT doctors recommend CPAP machines or provide sinus medication and expect patients to live with the inconvenience for life.

At Vegas Sinus and Snoring Center, we listen to our patient symptoms, conduct comprehensive exams and analyze health history. New patients spend around an hour or longer with our practice and multiple check-ups are scheduled after a procedure to confirm results.

Many snoring and sinus symptoms can be caused by or exacerbated by other medications, environmental factors and anatomy. At our practice, we take a holistic approach to understanding and treating the source of sinus and snoring symptoms and sleep apnea.

Please contact our practice to confirm your insurance before your first appointment. Some procedures in our Las Vegas office are considered out of network.

At Vegas Sinus and Snoring Center, we believe in providing the best recommendation to patients regardless of insurance coverage. We can further discuss financing plans for procedures and treatments.

A majority of our patient diagnosis and minimally-invasive surgeries happen within our office.

A few scenarios will need to be conducted at nearby hospitals and medical clinics

  1. CT Scans for sleep apnea
  2. Laboratory sleep studies
  3. Advanced snoring surgeries requiring anesthesia

Vegas Sinus and Snoring Center is currently applying for admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

Our goal is to conduct a safe procedure with low risk and a fast recovery.

If you are nervous about an upcoming appointment, we encourage you to schedule pickup and drop-off with a friend or family.

Upon arrival, we can provide low dose anxiety medication. Next, a local anesthetic is applied topically and via injection, targeting the area under procedure. Afterward, patients may experience numbness for the next hour with minimal pain or discomfort.

Vegas Sinus and Snoring Center is located across from Mountain View Hospital where there is a large array of medical offices. We partner with a sleep study clinic along with an audiology group both within minutes from our clinic. However, we do accept all audiograms and sleep studies conducted for patients.

We are also affiliated at all nearby imaging centers and our team can pull digital X rays, CT Scans and other diagnostic results to explain in detail what we are looking at.