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Sinusitis is rough. Sinusitis treatment doesn’t have to be.

If you suffer from recurrent sinusitis, you know what it feels like to live with a stuffed up or runny nose. A headache that won’t quit. Maybe even long-term fatigue, or jaw or dental pain. And if you have a chronic sinus infection or recurrent sinusitis, you know that you might feel better for awhile—and then the problems begin all over again.

Sinus procedures for every body.

You might not know that sinusitis treatment has changed. Surgery and medication are still options, but so are in-office treatments like radio frequency turbinate reduction and balloon sinus dilation, a new, enormously successful procedure. Imagine coming into our office, and then leaving just 45 minutes later, able to smell and taste and breathe like you haven’t done in years.

As an ENT, Dr. Marc Kayem knows noses, and he knows that every one is different. Whether your sinusitis diagnosis uncovers a deviated septum, a fungal infection, or nasal polyps or even tumors, Dr. Kayem provides an individualized diagnosis plan for sinusitis treatment.

Sinus surgery is sometimes necessary

Sinus surgery is an excellent alternative when balloon sinuplasty is not feasible. Sinus surgery is a quick procedure (usually less than an hour), and is done under general anesthesia. Nasal packing is usually not required, and patients go home the same day. In most cases, there is minimal pain afterwards. Saline rinses are required at least a few times a day for the first month.

Though endoscopic sinus surgery is an option (and sometimes the best one), Dr. Kayem focuses on non-invasive sinusitis treatment. After all, if you can skip the pain, anesthesia, and recuperation time associated with a traditional surgery, why wouldn’t you?

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