Discover the Innovative Snorex Procedure: Transforming the World of Snoring Treatments

Introduction: A Fresh New Approach to Combat Snoring

Snoring disrupts sleep and health for many people. The sounds prevent restorative sleep, negatively impacting energy levels. Thankfully, a new snoring treatment called SnorEx provides hope for reducing or eliminating snoring.

What is the SnorEx Procedure?

Developed by Dr. Marc Kayem, SnorEx tightens the soft palate using a unique stitch technique. The soft palate is the tissue at the back of the mouth and throat. When it vibrates during sleep, it causes snoring. The SnorEx stitch stiffens the soft palate over time, reducing vibration and snoring.

How Does SnorEx Work?

During the procedure, Dr. Kayem places a dissolvable stitch in the soft palate. As it heals, collagen grows around the stitch, tightening the tissue. Scar tissue also develops, further stiffening the soft palate. This reduces the vibration and fluttering that creates snoring.

In addition, SnorEx utilizes a product applied to the soft palate to stimulate tissue stiffening. The combined effects of the stitch and stiffening product reduce snoring.

What Are the Benefits?

Patients report better sleep quality after SnorEx. With reduced snoring, patients and partners enjoy uninterrupted, deeper sleep. Patients also have increased daytime energy.

Recovery and Results

Patients may experience mild throat discomfort after SnorEx, resolving within days. Over the next weeks and months, the soft palate healing continues until snoring subsides. Patients see maximal results around 6 months post-procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate?

SnorEx works well for primary snorers with soft palate vibration. Those with mild sleep apnea may also benefit. It is performed in-office with no hospital stay required.


For snorers struggling to find relief, SnorEx offers new hope. By targeting and tightening the main source of snoring, SnorEx provides lasting reduction. Consult your doctor to see if this innovative snoring solution is right for you.

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