The Causes of Snoring and How to Treat Them in Las Vegas

Did you know that about 25% of people snore on a regular basis? That’s right; if you snore at least sometimes, you’re in good company. But what if your snoring is starting to get out of control? 

Some causes of snoring, especially if it’s frequent, can be treated. You (and the people you live with) may get serious snoring relief.  

We’re here to talk about some common causes of snoring and the types of snoring treatments you can get in Las Vegas that may let you sleep peacefully. Read on to learn more. 

Anatomy of the Mouth

For many people, mouth anatomy is the largest factor when it comes to their snoring. They’re not sick and not doing anything wrong (though they may be doing things to exacerbate the problem). They were born with a higher chance of snoring!

This is because, for some reason, they have a narrow airway. There are several potential reasons for this.

A low and thick soft palate can obstruct the airway, especially if the person is relaxed (which they should be while sleeping). The degree of relaxation will determine if or how much they snore. Sometimes, if people get poor sleep, their airways will constrict further. 

Radiofrequency of the soft palate may be a good option for someone in this situation. It’s minimally invasive and can help stiffen the soft palate, so it no longer impacts the airway.

It could also be due to a long and low-hanging uvula. Your uvula is the bit of flesh that hangs in the back of your throat. If this is the case, a uvulectomy is a valid option that you should discuss with a doctor.

The tongue can also be an issue. If your tongue causes airway restriction while you sleep, you will snore. In this case, your best bet might be tongue radiofrequency surgery

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption isn’t a direct cause of sleeping, but if you’re partying in Las Vegas and suddenly snoring more often, it may be a contributing factor! 

You usually don’t experience much (or any) airway obstruction while you sleep. When you sleep, your body is relaxed but not completely relaxed. When you drink a lot of alcohol before going to sleep, your body is even more relaxed, and your throat can get obstructed, even if that wasn’t a problem for you in the past. 

You have options here for causes of snoring.

If this only happens when you drink a lot of alcohol, your best bet is to cut back. It’s okay to have an occasional drink, but overconsumption of alcohol is dangerous for various reasons, and increased snoring is the least of your potential problems.

If it happens even after a glass of wine, you may want to visit an otolaryngologist. They can evaluate whether or not you have an anatomical problem worth “fixing,” and if so, they can recommend the right treatment for your situation. 

Sleep Position

Your sleep position can also cause or exacerbate your snoring problems! 

In most cases, if your sleep position is enough to cause snoring, you likely have an anatomical issue causing you to snore, but it’s only “active” when you sleep a certain way. 

Snoring people sometimes find it better to sleep on their backs with their heads and chests slightly elevated. This should reduce any compression on the airway and reduce snoring. Laying down flat on your back will likely exacerbate snoring.

You can try different sleeping positions to see if they work better. Side sleepers and belly sleepers may not snore at all.

If you’re only comfortable sleeping flat on your back, consider speaking to an otolaryngologist about your options. There may be a treatment to fix your problem if anatomy is causing your snoring. 

Nasal Problems

Mouth anatomy isn’t the only type of anatomy that could be causing your snoring issues. Nasal problems can also cause snoring!

Chronic congestion, nasal inflammation, and deviated septums can cause or worsen snoring. 

If you have a deviated septum, you’ll likely need a septoplasty to fix it completely. You have other options if you’re dealing with chronic congestion or inflammation.

You could keep taking decongestants before bed, but this isn’t sustainable. Ask a doctor about radiofrequency turbinate reduction. It can reduce nasal obstruction so you can breathe freely and stop snoring. 

Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea is one of the most serious causes of snoring. In severe cases, it can also be a dangerous health condition. It stops your body from getting enough oxygen while you sleep.

When you have sleep apnea, it means your body isn’t consistently breathing on its own while you’re sleeping. Your body will start and stop breathing intermittently. Aside from snoring, you may also gasp in your sleep and wake up feeling exhausted.

Major sleep apnea generally requires a CPAP machine, but minor to moderate sleep apnea may be able to be treated with CPAP alternatives. Talk to a qualified doctor in Las Vegas to go over your options.

Do You Have One of These Causes of Snoring? 

These are some of the most common causes of snoring. Do any of them apply to you? You may get some snoring relief, whether it’s your mouth anatomy, nasal anatomy, lifestyle choices, or sleep apnea. 

It’s time to talk to an otolaryngologist in Las Vegas! At our Las Vegas sinus and snoring center, we’re ready to help you get a good night’s sleep again. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.