How Snoring Affects Partners: The Importance of Seeking Treatment

Almost half of men and a quarter of women are loud snorers, so it is very likely that in any relationship, one partner is snoring at any given time. This can seriously affect the sleep of the other partner and cause strife in many relationships. So how do you get past that to ensure people get the rest they need daily?

Discover the impact of snoring on a committed relationship and understand the importance of taking preventive measures. Read this article and consider how seeking treatment can enhance your life in the near future.

How a Loud Snorer Affects a Relationship

If one person in a relationship is a significant snorer, it can start to grate on any relationship. This is for many different reasons, including:

Reduced Sleep

Having a loud snorer as your sleep partner can pose challenges when it comes to getting a peaceful rest. This is especially true in a vibrant city like Las Vegas, where noise is already prevalent.

Experiencing difficulties in falling asleep or frequent awakenings during the night can disrupt your sleep patterns. Such interruptions may cause further challenges in returning to sleep, leading to sleep deprivation. As a result, issues with concentration and increased irritability can arise.

Such issues can frequently strain relationships, as both parties are acutely aware of the challenging nature of snoring, which often proves difficult to manage.

Difficulties with Intimacy

Many individuals cherish the moments spent beside their significant other in bed, gently transitioning into slumber together. However, if one partner snores, it can deter the couple from seeking this intimate physical bond.

As this issue persists, it may escalate, leading one partner to feel compelled or necessitated to seek an alternative sleeping arrangement. This instigates a divide between the couple, potentially damaging their emotional bond.

If left unaddressed, this situation can strain the capacity to engage in profound or significant discussions. This often becomes a critical point of contention in a relationship. A snoring partner, despite having an unproblematic personality, can inadvertently cause a marital rift.

Relationship Problems

Although it’s essential for both individuals to acknowledge the issues arising from snoring, this isn’t always the reality. One partner may feel unfairly criticized, given they have no control over the situation. Conversely, the other might perceive themselves as enduring more hardship, as they are deprived of sleep while their partner appears to rest more peacefully.

Ideally, if both people in the couple share the burden, they can start to address it as an issue that needs treatment rather than a personal failure.

What Treatments Are Available?

There are several things an ENT doctor can do to help a couple solve snoring issues.

Radiofrequency Tissue Ablation

By applying low-power radio frequencies to the soft palate, the area can start to heat up. This will then coagulate the tissue underneath. As it starts to heal over the next month, scar tissue will form that tightens and stiffens the area that would otherwise cause snoring.

Over time, several of these procedures can improve the chances of snoring reduction. This procedure usually has a painless healing period.

Weight Management and Sleep Planning

Weight management can also help improve snoring issues, so speak to your doctor about weight loss options if you are over 10 lbs. over your ideal body weight.

Soft Palate Tightening Procedure

Another option is to undergo a procedure to tighten the soft palate at the back of your throat, the SNOREX procedure

Dr. Marc Kayem, a distinguished expert with over two decades of experience treating snoring problems, has introduced a pioneering new technique. This innovative in-office treatment, known as the SNOREX Procedure, takes roughly 20 minutes and can deliver significant results within a few months. The effects of this advanced procedure are expected to be long-lasting or even permanent.

Snoring is a common issue affecting millions globally, often leading to poor sleep quality and fatigue. The SPTP, developed by Dr. Kayem, addresses this by using a unique stitch at the back of the throat to tighten the soft palate, thereby reducing snoring.

Despite some initial discomfort, patients report improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, and reduced snoring over the months following the procedure. If snoring affects your life or that of a loved one, the Soft Palate Tightening Procedure could be your solution.

What to Do When Your Partner Is Snoring

With the above advice, you can understand why snoring can significantly affect a relationship and what can be done. So, what do you do next?

We can help people in the Las Vegas area and our Beverly Hills office get better sleep. So, contact us and start solving your snoring issue today!